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Why Are We Still Funding the WHO?

President Trump sent notice of the US withdrawal from the World Health Organization, which behaved disgracefully during COVID, getting nearly every fact and recommendation dead wrong. That withdrawal never took effect because Biden canceled it.

Republicans in the House included strong language blocking funding for the WHO in this year’s appropriations bills – but ended up backing down and putting the funding back in the final compromise version.

That was a huge loss because the WHO is set to radically expand its power, and Biden has enthusiastically signed us up for this assault against American sovereignty:

John Tierney explains:

With the support of the Biden administration, the World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking unprecedented powers to impose its policies on the United States and the rest of the world during the next pandemic…

The WHO hopes to begin this power grab in May at its annual assembly in Geneva, where members will vote on proposed changes in international health regulations and a new treaty governing pandemics. Pamela Hamamoto, the State Department official representing the U.S. in negotiations, has already declared that America is committed to signing a pandemic treaty that will “build a stronger global health architecture,” which is precisely what we don’t need…

Nations that sign the pandemic treaty would promise to “cooperate” in “preventing misinformation and disinformation,” which presumably means silencing scientists who disagree with the WHO’s conclusions and edicts.

The Senate should demand this agreement be submitted as a treaty; failing that, an appropriate test vote should be forced to put every Senator on the record on this issue for voters. And the House should block funding in the upcoming 2025 appropriations cycle, and hold the line this time.

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