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How Is This NOT a Ban on Gas Cars?

Last week we lampooned the New York Times headline claim that proclaimed: don’t worry, the new Biden EV mandates are “not a ban on gas cars.” If you believe this, you probably also believe the Obama “Affordable Care Act” made health care more affordable.

In reality, Biden’s new federal mandates are a slightly slower roll-out of the California plan (which was greenlit by a Biden-granted waiver) with the out-years hidden:

This 100% number means that by 2035 ALL cars sold in the Golden State and the states that adopt its standards (Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington by our count so far) MUST be EVs. And if California and its followers mandate this, it becomes a de facto national mandate for manufacturers.

If you want a thorough takedown of the Biden rules, we recommend this analysis by our friend Marlo Lewis at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.  In the meantime, now would be a good time to stockpile another couple of gas cars in your garage before the car police ban them entirely.

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