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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles… and Trucks

It’s not just cars. The Biden administration in recent weeks has announced new stringent requirements for virtually the entire American transportation system to run on electric power. The goal is to eliminate the use of all fossil fuels.

As we noted last week, the EPA is poised to approve new rules for trains to go electric via another California mandate, and there are also plans to require that the long-haul trucking industry convert to electric battery operation.

There are no mandates on planes yet – but stick around.

The looney idea of battery-powered trucks is both a near-technological impossibility and a cost-burden nightmare for our trucking industry. A 10-ton, long-haul rig is going to carry cargo across the country powered by an enormous electric battery. Good luck with that.

All of this will add enormous new demands on the already-overburdened electric grid system. The mandates come at a time when, as the Wall Street Journal reports, electric power demand is expected to double over the next decade and production in the U.S. is already stretched to the limits. AI technologies will use four times more power than the Internet.

We are seeing more brown and blackouts across the country – with green California leading the way. California has been averaging 100 power outages a year.

Meanwhile, many of the very same radical green groups that want to use the grid to power transportation are also advising that it is time to abolish air conditioners, lawnmowers, and gas stoves. Are they also planning on abolishing lamps so that we have enough juice in the grid for trucks and cars?

We are up against a sinister de-growth ideology/religion. The endgame to all of these mandates is to literally and figuratively turn the lights out on the American economy.

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