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How Many Biden Student Loan Bailouts Went to the Rich?

A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), has found that the Biden Administration had virtually no income verification for its student loan forgiveness program.

GAO found that if the Supreme Court had given the green light, the Biden Administration was going to wipe out student loan debt for 12 million borrowers – even though it had only requested income documentation from 790,000 of them.

This scandalous revelation has us wondering. How many of the millions of student loans that have ALREADY been forgiven by Biden at a price tag of tens of billions of dollars went to high-income deadbeats who didn’t pay their loans? Congress should do a deep dive into this.

The fact that the Feds never checked incomes for this program only confirms that these loan write-offs have never been about equity or fairness, but buying votes.

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