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If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears – An Actual Balanced Budget

No there is nothing wrong with your computer screen.

And yes, it really can be done. If they can split the atom. If they can put a man on the moon. If one man can eat 52 hotdogs in three minutes, then…yes, the budget can be balanced so that federal expenditures match revenues.

Hats off to House Budget Chair Jodey Arrington for proving all the critics wrong and laying out the gutsy plan for balance in 10 years. And he does it without one penny of tax increases and even makes the Trump tax cuts permanent.

It’s not that hard. Cut useless and wasteful spending. Get rid of the Green New Deal $300 billion slush fund. Constrain runaway Medicare and Medicaid spending. Work requirements for all welfare programs. Eliminate hundreds of redundant low-priority programs. Grow the economy at 3% to get more revenues.

Now the House Repubs have to band together, pass this bill, and get this ball into the Senate. Then it’s your move, Chuck Schumer.

The Path to Zero:

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