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I’m OK, You’re Not OK

Axios points out an interesting phenomenon in polling results that could be problematic for Conservatives.

Polls today show that while more than two of three Americans say their personal finances are at least “OK,” more than two-thirds also say that the national economy is only fair or poor.  This gap has been steadily rising.  We call this the “I’m OK, You’re Not OK” dynamic in public perceptions.

The problem for Conservatives is that voters tend to vote on their own personal finances, not how other people are doing.

This may explain why Republicans did so poorly in the midterm elections in 2022 despite great expectations.

This also explains why the economy is so much BETTER when conservative policy were implemented.  (See above.)

For America, just doing “OK” isn’t OK.  The economy grew a measly 1.3% in the first quarter of this year and high prices are still robbing families of their incomes. As JFK famously declared when running for president in 1960 and promising to double the growth rate from 2% to 4%: “We can do Bettah.”

Yes, we can.

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