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Minorities Have Fared Much Better Under Trump than Biden

In yesterday’s HOTLINE we showed the strong economic record for middle class households under Donald Trump’s presidency compared to the Obama years and the Biden years.

Now let’s compare economic progress for blacks, Hispanics and Asians under these two presidents.

Each of these groups has experienced higher income gains under Trump than under Biden.  For example, the chart shows that blacks’ real incomes rose by an average of $4,500 under Trump – or five times higher than under Biden (through the most recent Census Bureau year 2022).  Hispanics saw a $5,280 gain under Trump versus $320 under Biden.  And Asians saw an amazing near $10,000 average family income rise under Trump – and six times the gains under Biden.

Yet, we are bombarded with messages from the media that Trump is a racist.  Biden is now running TV ads in battleground states accusing Trump of setting blacks back.  Biden is doing a pretty good job of that himself.

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