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In Michigan, Pols And Lobbyists Try To Gut Term Limits

One of the most successful political reforms in a generation – term limits – is under attack in Michigan where a bipartisan collation of business, union, and political leaders are backing a ballot initiative that would gut the term limits MI voters enacted thirty years ago.

Voters for Transparency and Term Limits, the group behind the effort on the November 2022 ballot, says its proposed constitutional amendment would increase transparency by requiring state legislative candidates to disclose personal financial information as congressional candidates must do. But it would also eliminate the current limits of 6 years in the State House and 8 years in the state Senate in 1992 in favor of a new 12-year limit on House and Senate service combined. So currently termed out House members could serve three more terms and termed out Senate members (who never served in the House) could serve one more.

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