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New Cloud Seeding Technology Could End Droughts – Climate Scientists “Skeptical”

We’ve always argued that IF there is severe climate change coming, the only viable solution is to develop new technologies to change weather patterns. we were thrilled when CNN reported that scientist have invented a new technology that flies planes into clouds and injects them with silver iodide to make more rain and snow.

The technology could be a cost-effective way to alleviate droughts – which have afflicted the western states in recent years.

Hooray, right? It turns out the climate change industrial complex isn’t thrilled. As CNN notes, some climate scientists complain that the technology could be “getting in the way of nature.” We find this laughably ironic because isn’t the entire climate change movement about getting in the way of Mother Nature?

UCLA climate scientist Donald Swain told CNN “resources are much better invested in climate solutions already guaranteed to make significant and equitable impacts.”

Uh huh like eliminating the world’s cheap and abundant energy supply.






Scientists in the US are flying planes into clouds to make it snow more

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