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In Texas – The Empire Strikes Back

Many times we’ve alerted you – our readers – that 2023 has been the best year EVER for school choice. A dozen states passed education savings accounts, vouchers, scholarships, or other programs to allow kids to attend a public or private school of their parents’ choosing. The list includes Iowa, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Arkansas and others.

But for this year to go from good to great, we need Texas to act. The bill pushed by Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and that sailed through the Senate, would offer school choice to two to three million Texas kids.

Sadly, it was defeated in the House just before Thanksgiving. The unions declared war on the bill even though it offered billions more for the public schools AND big teacher pay raises. They said ”never, ever” to school choice, and 21 Republicans and ALL the Democrats chose the unions over the kids. What is sickening is that 18 of the Rs who voted nay were endorsed by the union and most got campaign money from them as well. They’re cheap dates.

Democrats tend to represent inner-city areas with the worst schools in the state — so their constituents have by far the most to gain — yet they reaffirmed their loyalty to Darth Vader.

He’s Against School Choice…
But it ain’t over yet. Abbott says he’s not giving up on passing a slightly less ambitious bill by Christmas and we hope and pray he succeeds. Schools are supposed to be for the children – not the adults on the dark side.

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