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Incredible: Every Senate Democrat Chose the IRS Over Israel

Senate Democrats voted in lockstep yesterday against the House-passed bill to cut $14 billion from Biden’s 87,000-new-IRS-agents fund, and use it for emergency aid to Israel.

Democrats claim to support the aid package. And they already agreed to a larger cut to the IRS fund back in May, when a side-deal to the debt ceiling bill was supposed to cut $20 billion (we’re still waiting to see that enacted!) to pay for domestic spending.

So, what is their problem? They want to leverage Israel’s aid for another huge tranche of Ukraine and yet another orgy of domestic spending.

It looks increasingly likely the best we can hope for on spending is a full-year CR that will allow Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie’s automatic 1 percent cut to take effect. But those savings would be more than wiped out if anything like Biden’s mega unpaid-for “emergency” spending bill passes.

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