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Remember the Famous Claim That 99% Of Scientists Believe In Manmade Climate Change? It’s a Hoax!

In 2021 the climate change hysterics trumpeted the findings of a journalist named Mark Lynas who claimed that his survey of the abstracts of 3,000 studies found that over 99% of climate scientists believed mankind had caused all or most global warming.

This was when the left declared a “scientific consensus” and dismissed any skeptics as “deniers.”

Now these deniers are tired of being bullied and coming out of their “cone of silence.” We reported last summer that Nobel Physics Prize winner Dr. John Clauser — who questions climate models — has been dismissed as a crank.

But now Israeli scientists led by Yonatan Dubi, Professor of Chemistry and Physics at Ben Gurion University, have found massive flaws and biases in the Lynas conclusions.

First, Lynas assumes that all papers taking ‘no position’ on manmade global warming agree that it is the major factor in rising temperatures. That’s quite bold and dishonest.

Worse, the authors found that the major science journals make it almost impossible and unwise to publish dissenting views. The “consensus” has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Israeli study found that most published studies took pains to ensure their conclusions fit the consensus. In sum: “No claim for consensus can be made from the data presented in Lynas et al.”

The Israeli authors also refuted a famous 2013 study that claimed that 97% of 12,000 scientific papers endorsed the view that humans had caused most manmade global warming. In reality, only about 0.5% of the papers were found to explicitly state recent warming was mostly manmade. That’s a long long way from a 97% consensus. This is called lying with statistics.

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