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IRS Backlog Hits 24 Million Returns – Time For A Simple Flat Tax

The IRS is so backed up that its own Taxpayer Advocate says it now takes eight months to process paper tax returns that are properly filed. Lord knows how long it will take for returns with errors.

And if you have questions about how much tax you owe, good luck getting proper information from the IRS. The 1-800 number traditionally puts people on hold for hours and often gives the wrong advice.

The Biden Administration’s response has been $40 billion more money and a small army of more IRS agents to double audits. The IRS even wanted to add facial recognition as a new “security filter” when people filed tax returns. Public opposition forced the IRS to back down.

The only way to clear up the IRS backlog would be radical tax reform towards the Steve Forbes idea of a simplified flat tax system with a postcard return. It would take five minutes to audit these returns.

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