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Now, Finally, Even CDC And Democrats Are Saying Get Back To Normal

Speaking of lockdown tyranny, this is a hopeful and long belated statement. The CDC is now saying it wants to “give people a break from things like mask-wearing” and we want to “get to a point where COVID 19 is no longer disrupting our normal lives.”

Of course, it is the CDC guidelines that have disrupted our lives, not the virus.

And there is this from Democratic congressman and MD Ami Bera of California:

“It’s time to declare an end to this pandemic….There’s no guarantee that we won’t face new variants, some more evasive of our current vaccines or more threatening than Omicron. But as we enter the third year of the pandemic, it’s time we acknowledge that this virus is here to stay… We need to get our lives back. And we can.”

Now, he tells us!

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