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Is China Headed Toward A New COVID Crisis

Speaking of failed Covid policies, China’s militaristic lockdown interventions, once lauded by the worldwide media, have completely backfired.

China’s economy is sputtering. The latest China manufacturing numbers contracted for the second time in three months in January falling close to its lowest point since the start of the pandemic, our sources tell us. Meanwhile the latest outbreak in several major Chinese provinces has businesses locked down yet again.

This is all because of the foolish zero-COVID strategy that shutdown millions of businesses and locked tens of millions of Chinese in their homes for months on end. Now the Chinese people are more vulnerable to Covid-19 than almost any other population on earth. Less than one percent of Chinese have acquired natural immunity through a prior infection. In India, another super-sized populated state, over two-thirds of the population had been exposed to the virus and were carrying antibodies as far back as July, 2021.

Such a large “virgin” population in China means the Omicron variant could potentially multiply and spread unhindered. Unless China abandons the zero-Covid mentality, it may have to adopt ever more draconian social controls until the virus completely disappears or face an Omicron tsunami of almost unimaginable proportions.

Things could get worse in the weeks ahead as tens of thousands of visitors for the Bejing Winter Olympics will test China’s program of stringent controls. The Communist rulers are convinced that  even a small pullback in lockdowns would lead to the hospitalization of hundreds of millions of people.

Foreign Affairs magazine wisely advises that China should abandon the zero-COVID policy and instead “reestablish a sustainable balance between protecting public health and allowing social and economic life to return to a normal trajectory.”

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