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Want To Pay Higher Home Heating Bills This Winter?

If you do, then you should be a strong supporter of the left’s crusade to force utilities to purchase a certain percentage of their power from expensive and inefficient wind and solar power. These so-called “renewable portfolio standards” are nothing but a large invisible surtax that homeowners and businesses pay each month on their utility bills as a result of this give-away to Big Wind and Big Solar.

Our crackerjack senior fellow E.J. Antoni just reviewed how much these RPS requirements cost

“The states that have no RPS have the lowest average residential electricity price of any group. As the RPS rises, so does price. The 0 to 20 RPS group is 7% higher, the 20 to 30 RPS group is 32% higher, and the 30 to 60 RPS is 71% higher.

Renewable Energy Standards Drive Up Energy Costs:

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