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Is It Time to Ban Lithium Batteries?

We ask that question only half-kiddingly.

So far this year, there have been more than 100 lithium-ion battery fires in New York City, which have injured 66 people and killed 13. One recent fire at an e-bike shop killed four people and left two individuals in critical condition. The fire commissioner warned New Yorkers that “such devices could be very dangerous and typically explode in such a way that render escape impossible.” Once started, these fires are “difficult to put out.”

Lithium battery fires from E-bikes and electric cars have caused more fatal fires than cooking and smoking in New York City.

Now let’s be honest: 13 deaths in a city of six million people is hardly an epidemic – and regulations should always be based on a cost-benefit calculation.

But, cmon man!

The same scaremongers on the left who have banned diving boards, gas stoves, plastic straws, fireworks, and so on have no problem with people dying or suffering critical injuries from electric battery fires.

Electric batteries are more dangerous than the Chevy Corvair – the car that gained Ralph Nader notoriety back in the 1960s when he helped ban it, despite only a handful of deaths. Maybe Nader needs to write a new book about EVs: “Unsafe At Any Speed, the Sequel.”

Or consider this: more people have died in just one city from lithium batteries in cars and bikes than all the people who died from the Three Mile Island nuclear plant. Yet, new nuclear plants have been effectively banned – while many thousands of Americans may die from electric vehicle fires if the left has its way and forces all new cars to run on battery.

How many American lives have to be sacrificed in front of the altar of green energy?

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