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Are Climate Change Lockdowns Next?

The left is overjoyed that it’s been a scorchingly hot summer in states like Texas and Nevada, so Biden is capitalizing on the heat wave. He told the Weather Channel that he has “in practice” already declared a “national climate emergency.”

We’ve warned this day was coming based on the trial run of COVID lockdowns – we just didn’t think it would happen so soon.

If Biden formally declares a climate emergency the feds will swing down the hammer. As John Fund and David Simon — contributors to The Hotline — report, a climate “emergency” could empower the feds to initiate lockdowns, electricity rationing, and periodic blackouts. The abuses of government power and suppression of personal freedoms could be worse than COVID. After all, this is about saving the planet from extinction – so anything goes.

As we learned from the COVID abuses of government powers, “emergency” is the rallying cry of power-hungry tyrants.

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