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Is Jamie Dimon Auditioning for Treasury Secretary?

The more we hear from Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co., the more we think he’s aiming for a great Cabinet appointment in a Trump presidency.

Last January, he praised Donald Trump’s positions on the economy, taxes and immigration. He even admonished his fellow Democrats to be “more respectful” toward Trump’s supporters.

Last week, he praised Texas’ light tax and regulatory structure on a visit to the Lone Star State. He contrasted it with his hometown:

“In New York City, the elected – not the mayor, not the governor, but a lot of the elected – they don’t want business,” he told Bloomberg. “They didn’t let Amazon come in and build a whole new thing there.”

This week, Dimon made it clear he wants universities to be judged by their placements of students in jobs rather than graduation rates.

“If you look at kids they gotta be educated to get jobs. Too much focus in education has been on graduating college… It should be on jobs. I think the schools should be measured on, did the kids get out and get a good job?”

He pointed out that kids can now get good-paying jobs at age 18: “You can be a welder, you can be a coder, you could be cyber, you could be automotive—all of those jobs are $40,000 to $60,000/$70,000 a year.”

Dimon’s wide-ranging expertise shows he has a lot to contribute to conversations happening not just on Wall Street, but also on Main Street in cities all around America.

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