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On Crime, Even Liberals Are Being Mugged By Reality

Nationwide, more than 100 elected officials were recalled by voters or resigned from office in the face of recall votes last year.  This is the highest number of public officials given the boot in more than a decade. In California, voters in Deep Blue San Francisco recalled their radical George Soros-backed district attorney and three members of the city school board.

Recall efforts are popping up in places where they’ve never been tried before. In Washington D.C.’s Ward 6, which covers Capitol Hill, many mostly black residents are on track to collect enough signatures by early August to force a recall vote on their councilman, Charles Allen, a Democrat who has backed Defund the Police efforts and tried to reduce mandatory minimum sentences for some violent offenses.

Violent crime in Washington rose by 39 percent last year, and the city saw 958 carjackings or attempted carjackings.

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