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Is Ken Burns A U.S. Historian Or A Historian For Only PBS Viewers?

Here’s another reason the Republicans should stop funding PBS with taxpayer dollars.

Ken Burns has become the premier purveyor of historical documentaries on the taxpayer-funded Public Broadcasting System. He calls himself politically “center-left.”

Try center-far left.

His “The U.S. and the Holocaust” evokes clear analogies between the political villains of the 1930s and the people his liberal PBS audiences hate most in today’s America.

He recently savagely attacked Ron DeSantis. “All of these bills that DeSantis and others are doing limit our ability to understand who we are and are not inclusive, they are exclusive,” he told CNN this week. “They are narrowing the focus of what is and isn’t American history. It’s terrifying. It feels like a Soviet system or, you know, the way the Nazis would build a Potemkin village…. It’s a huge threat to our republic.”

Huh? Has Burns even READ any of the modern American History textbooks? They have rewritten American history, blame America first, and have become fodder for leftwing propaganda.

An unwritten law of public discourse is that he who brings up Hitler first in a discussion has the weaker argument. In his smear of Ron DeSantis’ effort to put some boundaries on how taxpayer-funded public schools and universities teach U.S. history, Burns manages to compare the Florida Governor to the regimes of BOTH Hitler and Stalin.

DeSantis’ supposed Soviet-style sin? He has rejected parts of a College Board advanced placement course on African-American Studies because it included required studies on Black Lives Matter and requires kids to learn – in its own words – “the queer of color critique, grounded in Black feminism and intersectionality, as a Black studies lens that shifts sexuality studies toward racial analysis.”

We are hawks on protecting the freedom of speech and Burns is free to say anything he wants, no matter how odious. BUT NOT ON THE TAXPAYERS” DIME.

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