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Why We Have Georgia On Our Minds

As most readers know the Committee to Unleash Prosperity has partnered with our friends at ALEC to make the case for school choice in seven states and push this over the goal line where we can win this year. (We don’t lobby, of course.)

We’ve already helped notch three victories so far this year: in West Virginia, Iowa, and Arkansas.

Next in line is Georgia where the Senate has passed a bill and it goes now to the House. Things are looking good, but there are obstacles – as the teacher unions provide a wall of resistance.

Here’s where we are according to our eyes and ears on the ground in Atlanta:

“We have 2 weeks to convince the House to pass SB 233 which allows: 1) funds for nearly all kids entering k and 1st graders, and 2) all students attending a public school ranked in the bottom 25% of Georgia schools, the option to receive a $6,000 Promise Scholarship to pay for private school. We estimate the potential number of recipients in year 1 to be 500,000.

100% of Republicans in the Senate voted in favor of the bill; if the same thing happens in the House, we win 104-76.  Gove. Kemp has indicated he will sign the bill if it passes.”

Kemp could be a hero here. Free the children!

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