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Is Traveling by Plane Immoral?

If you think climate change craziness is out of control in the U.S., look at what’s happening in France.

A new poll finds that four of ten French voters believe that Europeans should be limited to four airline flights – not per year but over their entire LIFETIME.

The government seems eager to limit air travel. Earlier this year the country banned domestic flights between cities if it was determined that a high-speed raid connection that emits fewer greenhouse gases would be faster.

Now Transport Minister Clement Beaune says he wants to ban the cheapest airline fares between every European city because some prices don’t “reflect the price for the planet.” He plans to submit his proposal for approval by all  European Union nations. He also wants to substantially increase the tax on flights.

Low-cost airlines democratized air travel in Europe (and the U.S.) by offering travelers rock-bottom fares on some routes, with Ryanair becoming the region’s largest airline.

Fifty years ago, flying was largely restricted to the elite and the super-rich. Since deregulation, the middle class and many poor people have been able to afford the convenience of flying.

If the radical greens have their way – and this anti-air travel movement is surely coming to these shores – we will return to the days when flying is for the privileged few, and the middle class and poor are forced to stay home or take an eight-hour bus ride. Why is it that every green initiative from the left always hurts the poor more than the rich?

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