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Jamaal Bowman Gets a Slap on the Wrist for His Fire Alarm Stunt

Rep Jamaal Bowman’s personal act of insurrection – when he pulled the fire alarm inside the Capitol to prevent a House floor vote – will go largely unpunished.

He pled guilty yesterday to pulling a false fire alarm and will pay a $1,000 fine and serve no jail time.

This sweetheart deal is outrageous on many fronts – especially given that we now have video evidence that he lied through his teeth when he told police that he thought the fire alarm was a door-opening device. The video clearly shows him removing the emergency signs, pulling the alarm, and walking away with no attempt to open the door.

If a Jan. 6th protester were caught on tape doing this, he would have been thrown in jail for five years. More evidence that we have a corrupt justice system in America.

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