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It Depends On What Your Definition Of “Insurrection” Is

Your editors have friends and colleagues who protested peacefully on January 6th and never entered the Capitol – but were arrested and jailed nonetheless for merely exercising their First Amendment rights. You probably know of some of these horrific injustices. Jail for many months. No trial. No bail. In some cases, these political prisoners (to repeat: we are talking about the folk who didn’t illegally enter the Capitol) were placed in solitary confinement.

What makes this assault on their basic liberties especially appalling is that our liberal friends have apparently forgotten about the OTHER Insurrectionists in Washington – which of course were the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA rioters and arsonists in front of the White House a few months earlier in the summer of 2020. The photos below may help refresh your memory of the destruction and carnage.

The Secret Service felt the threat on the White House was so real and imminent that they urgently moved President Trump to a safe spot. Two and a half years later few arrests and no show-trial congressional hearings.

Why? Oh, yes. Now we remember. These were those “mostly peaceful” riots.

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