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Sinema Trashed At Davos For Saving Filibuster

Progressives exploded when Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema shared a high-five with Sen Joe Manchin during a panel at the Uber-elite Davos conference this week celebrating their successful opposition to eliminating the Senate filibuster.

“We still don’t agree [with other Senate Democrats] on getting rid of the filibuster, correct?” Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, asked Sinema. “That’s correct,” she said, initiating a high-five with Manchin.

“Joe and I were not interested in sacrificing that important guardrail,” she told the Davos audience.

Yes, a guardrail that protects the rights of minorities – which is a governing principle liberals once believed in.

Rather than engage her arguments, progressive bloggers compared Sinema to a comic-book villain out of “Batman” while sneering at her clothing choices. Gee, we thought these were feminists who never condone shaming.

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