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Jail Time for Fauci?

Kudos to Senator Rand Paul for asking the US Attorney from Washington DC to prosecute Anthony Fauci for lying to Congress under oath. That is called perjury.

Rand seems to have an open-and-shut case: Fauci repeatedly lied under oath about funding gain of function research and his role in orchestrating a coverup of the very real possibility that the SARS-CoV2 virus was a result of that research. Gain of function research was prohibited by law and it appears Fauci and others flagrantly and knowingly disregarded that law.

Here’s the bad news. The US Attorney for DC is Matthew Graves. Who is he? He is best known for an astonishing 67% non-prosecution rate in a city where crime is rampant and the National Guard has been called in to restore order.

The odds that Graves prosecutes Fauci are about as high as the chances that Donald Trump could get a fair trial in DC. That is zero.

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