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The Working-Class Republican Party

We’ve made this point many times in the Hotline: once upon a time the Republicans were the party of the rich and the Democrats the party of working-class Americans. Now the parties’ bases have flipped. Republicans tend to dominate blue-collar America and Dems are the party of the elites.

Now Democrat Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, who has represented her Toledo, Ohio district in Congress for 40 years, is warning her party that they are rapidly losing the support of Main Street and mainstream America. This chart from Rep. Kaptur proves our/her point.

It shows that Democrats now represent 19 of the top 25 highest-earning districts, including six in California and four around the Washington D.C. Beltway. Republicans represent a narrow majority of the lowest 25 districts by income.

She asks a crucial question: “How is it possible that Republicans are representing the majority of people who struggle? How is that possible?”

Matt Taibbi, a former contributing editor of Rolling Stone who has broken with the loony left, says liberal elites now “have a habit of believing things ordinary people instinctively find ridiculous…Their ‘experts’ even gather in places like Davos to concoct Swiftian parodies of upper-class condescension, like the World Economic Forum’s amazing ‘Let them eat bugs!’ plan.”

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