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Jamie Dimon Continues To Tell His Woke Liberal Friends to Wake Up to Reality

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon – no friend of Republicans or Donald Trump – once again delivered a blistering attack against the real-world effects of progressive governance. While in San Francisco hosting the world’s biggest health care conference he launched a tirade full of simple truths about the tragic decline of America’s great cities:

“San Francisco is in far worse shape than New York,” Dimon told Fox Business. “Any city that doesn’t do a good job, will lose its population. Just tax more and more – it doesn’t work.” Dimon has been reading U.S. Census reports which report San Francisco lost 7.5% of its population during COVID — leading all large U.S. counties in terms of its rate of exodus.

But Dimon also attacked the craziness in New York, where JP Morgan Chase has its corporate headquarters.

“New York’s got to worry about the fiscal [situation],” Dimon said. “You can’t have a fiscal deficit that high where you are constantly taxing individuals and companies more and more, where the bulk of the tax is paid by a handful of people. It’s driving people out.”

We’re pleased to learn that somebody must be secretly slipping the Hotline to Jamie every morning.

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