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Joe Manchin Now The 8th Most Popular Senator

When Joe Manchin saved the country by standing firm against President Biden’s efforts to pass his Govzilla spending bill and gut the Senate filibuster, Democrats warned him his political career would be over.

But it’s Manchin who is having the last laugh. A new Morning Consult poll finds that 57% of West Virginia voters now approve of his job performance, up from 40% at the beginning of the Biden presidency.

The pollsters at Morning Consult say Manchin’s high marks make him the 8th most popular U.S. Senator among local voters.

The breakdown of his poll numbers show his approval rating among Republicans has soared to 69 percent, a number that will make it difficult for the GOP to challenge him. Independents give him an approval rating of 50 percent. He’s only fallen out of favor with Democrats, who give him a 44% approval number.

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