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John Podesta – Washington’s Fiercest Partisan – Replaces John Kerry as Climate Czar

John Podesta is a supersmart Democratic political operative. He’s a Dem. fundraiser par excellence with a special skill for funneling big bucks to liberal special interest groups. He also has no science background and knows nothing about climate change, except what he reads in the New York Times. So, we guess that makes him perfect to be the next Climate Change Czar in the White House. His job will be to oversee the nearly $400 billion that flows through Washington’s Climate Change Industrial Complex.

In this job he will be much more dangerous than the hapless John Kerry who jetted around the world giving solemn but silly speeches about how totally committed China and India are to ending their use of fossil fuels as they built scores of new coal plants. Kerry was a joke. Podesta is a political assassin. He has a single-minded mission to kill America’s fossil fuels industry.

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