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FTC Chair Lina Khan Continues To Conspire With Foreigners To Kill Mergers and American Jobs

Speaking of political assassins, we now turn to the anti-America exploits of Federal Trade Commission’s Lina Khan.

On Monday, a proposed merger between Amazon and iRobot (maker of the portable and popular Roomba vacuum) was called off. The European Commission had raised objections to the merger in recent months, though it’s worth noting that the more market-friendly United Kingdom did not object to the merger.

Where might the European Commission’s objections have come from? Here’s what the Commission said in a statement issued after the merger was scuttled: “During our investigation, we have been in close contact with the US Federal Trade Commission.” (That’s what is known as “saying the quiet part out loud.”)

The day the merger died, iRobot announced it was laying off 350 of its employees, accounting for nearly one-third of its workforce. And while American workers suffer, the big winner is China, which already has about half of the world’s robot vacuum market.

Wait? Don’t we want America to dominate the coming AI and Robotics industries? Lina wants to hand it over to Europe and China.

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