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Klobuchar-Grassley Antitrust Bill Will FLATTEN Consumers

The Senate will soon begin debating a bill co-sponsored by Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) and Chuck Grassley (D-Iowa) that would put new clamps on the growth of American companies – not just big tech, but potentially financial services firms, and online and in- store retailer like Amazon and Walmart.

Klobuchar says we must beef up antitrust enforcement so “we can effectively promote competition and protect American consumers.”

Really? High tech companies have a lot of explaining to do for their discrimination against conservatives, but there is no industry in world history that has lowered prices more for consumers than tech firms.

While inflation is wreaking havoc in almost every industry – from poultry to meat to used cars to gas fill-ups – tech is the one industry with no inflation and for the last 30 years tech products have fallen 60, 80 and in some cases 90% in price (adjusted for quality). How is this “harming consumers?” Amy, show us ONE!

And what about those villains Walmart and Amazon? The consumer SURPLUS to Americans from “everyday low prices” and delivery to your doorstep in 48 hours is estimated in the trillions of dollars. The scoundrels.

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