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Landmark Study: Natural Immunity More Effective Than Vaccine

We haven’t always been right about Covid, but the more research findings comes in, the more we have validation that our two major policy recommendations from the start were spot on: 1) lockdowns don’t work; and 2) natural immunity is the best protection against Covid.

The latest comes from a Johns Hopkins team published yesterday in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association finds this about developing natural immunity:

      • 99% of individuals who reported a positive COVID-19 test have antibodies.
      • 55% who believed they had COVID-19 but were never tested have antibodies
      • 11% who believed they had never had COVID-19 infection have antibodies

The antibody levels remained consistent up to the end of the 20 month study period.

One of the authors – who has previously been deeply skeptical of natural immunity – stated the obvious policy implications:

Marty Makary, another coauthor of the study, explained the policy implications a few days ago was scathing in his attack against many of his brethren in the health arena:

“Public-health officials ruined many lives by insisting that workers with natural immunity to Covid-19 be fired if they weren’t fully vaccinated. But after two years of accruing data, the superiority of natural immunity over vaccinated immunity is clear. By firing staff with natural immunity, employers got rid of those least likely to infect others. It’s time to reinstate those employees with an apology.”

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