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Unmasked Children Are Overwhelmingly Safe From COVID

Speaking of things we have been right about, here is the latest from AP Newson children and masks:

Children of all ages need to see their fellow human beings’ expressions in order to be able to interact richly and wholly. Yet we are cavalierly denying our children these crucial opportunities for social, emotional, and intellectual engagement—undermining both their happiness and their potential in the process.

And for what? Kids’ chances of surviving Covid—whether by recovering from it or not catching it at all—have been 99.999 percent nationally, 99.999 percent in states with school mask mandates, and 99.999 percent in states without school mask mandates. Maybe it’s past time to favor natural human interaction over extreme risk aversion, stop prioritizing the well-being of adults over the well-being of children, and let our kids take off their suffocating and breathe in the crisp air of freedom.

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