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Lina Khan, the FTC’s Ethics and Economics Pyromaniac


There are many contenders for the title of “Chief Scofflaw” in the Biden Administration, from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkis to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Put Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan at or near the top of the list of the ethically impaired. Khan has refused to respond to document requests from the House Oversight Committee and has just now been caught red-handed refusing to comply with the FTC’s top ethics official. She was advised she should recuse herself from Meta’s acquisition of a reality app because she had failed to show impartiality in her previous statements on the case.

The FTC split 3 to 2 in blocking Meta’s acquisition of a reality app, so the deal would have gone through if Kahn had followed the ethics guidelines.

Khan took the unprecedented step of voting anyway.  She was backed up by her fellow Democratic commissioners. GOP Commissioner Christine Wilson dissented, but all of her discussion of the ethics advice Kahn had rejected was blacked out on publication. “The redactions served no purpose but to protect Ms. Khan from embarrassment,” Wilson has noted.

Kahn even concealed her role in all this.  Asked during a House hearing this spring if there were “any instances where you have not followed” advice from an FTC ethics official, she lied and said “no.”

Actually, by seeking to block every merger or acquisition that comes before her Lina Khan has tried to become an economic pyromaniac. Luckily, she lost her antitrust case against Meta in court earlier this year and her attempt to stop a drug company merger was also blocked by a federal court.

It’s time for Khan – yet another high-ranking Biden official with exactly ZERO real-world experience to be unceremoniously dumped. If not, she should at least be held in contempt of Congress.

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