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Biden’s Chief Economist Has Zero Business Experience And Isn’t Even A Trained Economist

In yesterday’s Hotline, we noted that Jared Bernstein, President Biden’s just-confirmed chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers, has been wrong on the impact of virtually every economic event of the last 30 years — ranging from the Obama stimulus of 2009 to Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

An eagle-eyed reader has reminded us that two reasons for Bernstein’s blunders may be that he has zero experience in the private sector and is not even a trained economist.

In our Not Ready For Prime Time Players report last year we noted that out of the top 68 Biden officials who deal with economic policy, only ONE in EIGHT had extensive business experience and 62 percent had virtually NO experience.  The vast majority of them had worked as professional politicians, lawyers, community organizers, lobbyists, or government employees.

As for Jared Bernstein, his experience is more varied.  He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music and then earned a Master’s in Social Work and a Ph.D. in social welfare. (Need we say more?)

Biden’s top economist is not an economist. What’s next? A hip hop artist as the head of the CIA?

Don’t expect a sudden flurry of sound policies out of this White House.

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