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Linked OUT

Dear readers: if you are using LinkedIn, please stop. We are sorry to say that LinkedIn has joined the ranks of woke companies that have put leftwing ideology over common sense.

According to Fox News, Air Force veteran Gretchen Smith’s LinkedIn account was disabled when she questioned the Biden plan to provide student loan debt forgiveness. “I am not responsible for your student debt,” she wrote. (Well said.) Here was her entire social media message.

So, now in America, it’s hate speech to advise people to pay their bills and not rely on taxpayers? In the olden days, people who didn’t repay their debts were called deadbeats, but that’s really hateful.

Our friend Jonathan Turley, a legal expert at George Washington University summarized the incident thusly: “It is hard to imagine a more glaring example of [tech] bias and censorship.”

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