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Ludicrous – Crazy Statement Of The Day

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t give a pass to a single Democrat in the House on the Inflation Acceleration Act that passed with all D votes and no R votes. (Biden really is a “uniter” isn’t he!)

So poor Jared Golden, a Democrat from Maine, in a district that Trump by six points, walked the plank and voted yes.

In defense of his vote to further bankrupt America, Golden read from the White House talking points:

“This isn’t Joe Biden’s crazy Build Back Better proposal. This is a bill that’s meant to ensure American energy dominance and independence.”

Wait, Congressman!

We HAD energy independence under Trump. It’s Biden’s lunatic green energy policies and the war on fossil fuels – with new taxes on the industry in this bill – that are making America guzzle gas and oil from Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

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