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Europe Will Shut Off Hot Water And Scrounge For Firewood This Winter

All over Europe, people are preparing for a brutal winter caused by Russian cutoffs of oil and natural gas combined with an over-reliance on wind and solar power at the same time many countries are phasing out nuclear power.

Spain has barred all commercial buildings from setting their thermostat below 80 degrees in summer. It will also ban setting thermostats above 66 degrees in winter.

Many German cities have ended outdoor lighting of public buildings as well as shut off public fountains. Others have closed indoor swimming pools and switched off hot water in public buildings.

Wolfgang Hübschle, an economic advisor to city governments in Bavaria, warns that the region may have to shut down its breweries to ensure its chemical industry doesn’t face gas shortages.

Much of the general public is even more worried about winter. Check out the graph below on how many Germans are using Google to search out ways to obtain firewood this winter. It may be back to the Middle Ages for some people in Europe’s economic powerhouse in the coming months.

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