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Manchin: Promises Made, Promises Broken

As part of the reconciliation process to pass the Inflation Resumption Act, the Senate rules allow for unlimited amendments to the bill. This is called “vote-o-rama.” For example: kill the death tax. Allow more drilling. A balanced budget requirement. Etc.

Last year, at the end of the vote-a-rama, Chuck Schumer used a substitute amendment to wipe out all the bipartisan amendments and restore his original bill. Manchin voted for it. Then said he would never do it again:

“Yeah. That was horrible. I told them that will never happen again. I’ll never be in that position again. Where that happens, they do what they call a wrap-around and scrub. No, no, no.”

Now he’s saying yes, yes, yes to “wrap around and scrub.” It’s getting harder all the time to trust a word this man says.

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