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Memo to Ken Griffin: We Told You So!

We’re big admirers of Ken Griffin, who built the multi-billion dollar hedge-fund Citadel into a world-class financial company that employs thousands of Americans. Unlike most of his fellow financial services titans, Griffin is a right-of-center free market supporter. More importantly, he’s an enormously generous philanthropist with hundreds of millions of dollars in donations supporting symphonies, museums, food banks, shelters, and schools.

But one school he gave money to – that we begged him not to on these pages a little over a year ago – was a $300 million gift to the Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 2022. We warned Ken that he was making a big mistake because A) the last thing Harvard needs is more money, and B) Harvard has turned into a hopelessly left-wing institution that is not retrievable.

As events of the last several months have demonstrated, we were more right than we could have even suspected.

Griffin now says he’s done giving to Harvard because it advances a leftist “DEI agenda” and is filled with “whiny snowflakes.”

Good, but this may be a day and a lot of dollars short.

Think about how much money he could have saved if he were simply reading the Hotline!

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