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Michael Avenatti The Late, Great Democrat Superhero

My how the worm has turned. Literally.

In case you missed the news headline yesterday: that creepy lawyer representing Stormy Daniels in her suit against Donald Trump is now going to jail for 14 years for stealing millions from his clients.

It seems like only yesterday that Avenatti, who appeared on the lefty political talk shows nearly every night during the first half of 2008 spewing hatred of Donald Trump, was the heartthrob of the Democratic presidential field. “Avenatti the hotty” became his nickname.

He was deified nearly every night on CNN as the Democrat street fighter who cared about real people. Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio praised Avenatti as a” phenomenal guy,” Then there were the flattering headlines like this one from Politico:

And then there was this from New York magazine:

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