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To paraphrase Shakespeare: to save the planet, first kill all the cows. That’s our takeaway from this CNN headline from the other day:

We don’t usually pay attention to looney-tune ideas from across the Atlantic, but it’s scary how many times they migrate here.

Denmark’s $96 a cow tax is to be imposed “for the planet-heating emissions they generate.” If you haven’t been paying attention, every time a cow burps or farts, the planet gets warmer. The fiends!

It’s the first nation to impose a tax on livestock – and pigs and goats may be next. The foreign minister of Denmark, Lars Locke, boasts, “We are investing billions in this transition…” blah, blah, blah.  Sounds like he’s angling for a Nobel Prize.

The irony is that the Danish are major exports of beef – so this will do wonders for their economy.

CNN says that the global food system contributes one-third of the greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere.

Our prediction is that within the next 18 months, some members of Congress (AOC?) will propose a similar tax here.

We long for the simpler days when the environmental movement was about saving the whales and other animals not killing them off.

In the meantime, anyone up for a veggie burger?

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