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Supreme Court FINALLY Shackles the Unconstitutional Regulatory State

On a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court finally confirmed in Friday’s Chevron decision that there are THREE branches of government – not four.

The Supreme Court made a tragic mistake in 1984 in the original Chevron case. It ruled federal judges must defer to a regulatory agency’s interpretations of federal laws in most cases. This had delegated to unelected officials at the dozens of ABC regulatory agencies – from the FDA to FDIC to the FTC to the CFTC to the EPA – unilateral power to make laws, interpret laws, and enforce laws. (They have their own courts, which the Supreme Court said in another case last week violates the right to trial by jury.)

No wonder the regulatory octopus has entangled its tentacles into every area of our lives – including whether we can have a gas stove in our kitchen or an air conditioner in our bedroom.

Our own Casey Mulligan has estimated that through three years of Biden’s regulations, they have imposed a nearly $15,000 hidden “tax” on the average household. We thought the Constitution says that taxes must start in the House of Representatives.

The Court has reaffirmed that it is the legislative branch – Congress – that makes the laws and the executive branch that enforces them. Shame on Congress for abdicating this responsibility and handing it off to the Lina Kahns of the world.

Biden has empowered the EPA to unilaterally dictate and enforce its multi-trillion-dollar radical green agenda while Congress fiddles and fidgets.  No more.

In case there are any doubts about how important this Chevron decision is, this New York Times headline (and you can just see their heads exploding) nails it:

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