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More And More Neighborhoods Want To Secede From Dysfunctional Woke Blue Cities

We strongly support the strengthening movement across the country of allowing cities and counties along the borders of two states to redraw the lines and secede from one (usually blue) state and join the other (red). Self-determination is an important principle.

Keep an eye on the “home rule” movement of neighborhoods and townships within states, attempting to secede from the large and often dysfunctional blue cities. These areas want to escape from the high taxes, high crime, poor public services, and incompetent/corrupt political leadership of big cities. This movement for “independence” is called “cityhood.”

Atlanta is a prime example. Since 2005, more than a dozen new cities have been incorporated independently, including Sandy Springs. It now has 108,000 people, is hugely successful, and is the 7th largest city in the states.

Now the residents of the booming Buckhead district of Atlanta want to break off from Atlanta. Buckhead was annexed by Atlanta in the 1950s and now feels it’s being held hostage by a corrupt government. It has one-fifth of Atlanta’s population but supplies 40% of its revenue – while getting little in effective services in return.

Last week, a Georgia Senate committee passed two bills along party lines that would allow Buckhead to vote on leaving Atlanta. Should they pass the legislature and be signed by Governor Brian Kemp, Buckhead residents could vote to form their own city without having to get permission from Atlanta City Hall.

“Too many times in local communities, elected officials forget who they work for. So when movements happen that remind elected officials who the real bosses are, then I have to support that,” Senator Randy Robertson, the sponsor of the Buckhead bills, says.

We stand with Buckhead.

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