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Why The Media And The “Science” Was So Wrong About COVID

With each passing week we get more information confirming what we have been saying for three years: the “experts” and the media were tragically wrong in much of what they were telling us about COVID and the government’s response. They even covered up the origins of the virus. Why? Here’s a short but highly plausible explanation from the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro for the endless falsehoods:

“As Nate Silver of correctly noted, ‘The Bad People [Trump and conservatives] thought the China lab leak might be true, therefore as journalists we couldn’t be expected to actually evaluate the evidence for it.’

Herein lies a lesson: A huge number of people have decided that there are a cadre of [conservatives] who are so vile that any opinion they touch is immediately toxified beyond investigation. Claims are not to be evaluated on their own merits; instead, we can simply determine whether a claim ought to be supported based on those who posit it…

That’s precisely what happened with COVID-19. Whether it was ignoring the actual evidence regarding masks and mask mandates, the evidence regarding post-vaccination transmissibility or the evidence regarding the lab leak theory, experts decided that the wrong people had to be ignored. But they were wrong. And now they have no credibility left.

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, writing on how mainstream media outlets dismissed the idea that COVID had origins in a Chinese lab.

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