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More Evidence That COVID Lockdowns Were A Test Case For Stalinist Climate Change Restrictions

We’ve warned about this MANY times on these pages.

Now that governments have had their dictatorial/ham-handed experiment in locking down businesses, churches, and schools with curfews and stay-at-home orders to stop the spread of the virus, lockdowns will soon be coming to stop climate change. California has already done this with rolling electric power brownouts to bring economic activity to a screeching halt.

So we were alarmed, but not too surprised, to read that Germany’s “Advisory Council on the Environment” says lessons learned from the government’s response to the pandemic will help “the obligation of policymakers (in) facilitating environmentally friendly behavior” in fighting the next crisis: climate change.

Here is one of the spooky passages from the report. Lockdown measures “demanded a lot from people” and “proved controversial… in their unequal impact on different social groups.” But the pandemic and energy crises “show that political measures to carefully restrict the behavior of citizens are possible” and that they can be “designed and communicated in such a way that the majority support them.”

Wake up people: There is no basic liberty or civil right that the left will not snatch away in their quest to save the planet.

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