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Nearly Every House Democrat Voted For Biden’s Student Loan Bailout

Virginia Representative Bob Good sought and received a favorable opinion from the GAO that Biden’s decree using COVID as an excuse for a $400+ billion transfer of student loans from borrowers to taxpayers can be blocked using the Congressional Review Act. That set up yesterday’s House vote on HJRes45 and means that the bill cannot be filibustered in the Senate.

All House Republicans but only two House Democrats voted yes. This means that virtually every Democrat in Congress is in favor of transferring a near half-trillion dollars of costs from deadbeats who didn’t pay their student loans for college – and in most cases have higher incomes than those who DIDN’T attend a fancy-schmancy $50,000 a year college – onto the backs of construction workers, plumbers, electricians, restaurant workers, and bus drivers.

And THESE are the same people who lecture us about “fairness” and reducing income inequality?

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