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More On How The Biden Family Got So Rich

We’ve been reporting on the Hunter Biden emails and the Biden family pay-to play operation for many weeks.

Now the Washington Post has joined the New York Times in authenticating 22,000 emails from the Hunter Biden laptop. Remember: before the 2020 election when the laptop was recovered, these were ignored by the media and the intelligence community as a “Russia disinformation conspiracy.” Twitter and Facebook censored the reports altogether.

These emails detail Hunter’s pay-to-play business “arrangements” with China and Ukraine. He was effectively selling access to his father – then the vice president.

In the first of what will likely be several stories, the Post details how a government-linked Chinese energy company paid $4.8 million to Hunter Biden and his uncle.

While there is no evidence that Joe Biden personally benefited from the payments, the Post says the deal does “illustrate the ways in which his family profited from relationships built over Joe Biden’s decades in public service.”

This used to be called graft. It stinks to high heaven and explains why Americans are so fed up with career politicians.

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